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This site is a joke. No, I'm serious. It originates from a joke.

In 1994 I bought a computer and began selling my amateur videos on the Internet. It was like the Stone Age compared to now. You had to start your computer with a hand crank, there were no pay sites to speak of and everything posted was free. It was a nice community. A little rough and ready, like an Old West town, and not for Tenderfeet, but it was very low key. The news groups were totally non-commercial with no ads allowed, just people sharing pictures they liked. (I won't go into what a pain it was to download files on a 14.4K modem and decode each picture with a special program. Thank goodness programmers wanted to make viewing the nekkid stuff easier and eventually built the decoding into their browsers!) If you were one of the few people selling something on a web site, you also were expected to provide a lot of free entertainment.

Early on there were almost no sites with naked pictures, so I used to joke that mine had some of the first bare boobs on the internet. Anyway, I decided to see if I could recapture a bit of the old charm by scouting out the sites, both personal and commercial, still offering free bare boobs on the internet. It is a bit juvenile and will be hard work, but someone must act to preserve the roots of the Web. I accept this weighty mantle for the time being.

If you know of any rich sources of pictures, please let me know and I will add a link to them. It is ok if a site sells something fun and interesting, but there has to be a lot of free pictures on it to qualify.

No one has paid me to post these links.
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